Welcome to KIC

A place to foster understanding, harmony, and community through daily prayers, cultural and spiritual events, and social outreach initiatives in Kincardine, Ontario.

Prayer Iqamah Times

Together We Are Stronger

The Kincardine Islamic Centre is at the heart of the local community, bringing together members of the Muslim population to pray, learn, and grow together. 

Town of Kincardine Lighthouse, Museum & Gift Store
  • 2012 established

    Kincardine Islamic Centre has been serving the Muslim community in Kincardine and its surrounding areas for over a decade.

  • 100+ community

    We are a vibrant community from diverse backgrounds coming together to worship, learn, and serve (seasonal residents too).

  • 2022 registered charity

    KIC is a registered non-profit charity supporting the community through worship and local programs.